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some frequently asked questions from parents!

COVID-19 Response Measures
How has City Kids adapted the facility in response to COVID-19?
  • A 6 zone, fresh air HVAC intake system, with electronic air filtration and ultraviolet germicidal lamps
  • Touchless security entry points and check-in kiosks
  • Installation of operating windows for extra fresh air circulation
  • Additional handwashing stations throughout the school
What should we expect in-person?
  • Staff will perform daily health screenings for each child prior to entering the classroom. This includes assessing for Covid-19 related symptoms, as well as a temperature check using a touchless temporal thermometer.
  • Parents will be required to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to the start of the school day.
  • Visitors (including parents, guardians, and other family members) will not be permitted in the building during school hours. Staff members will greet families in the lobby and escort children to their respective classrooms.
  • We will respect social distancing measures at drop off and pick-up. This may require families to wait outside to avoid overcrowding in the lobby.
  • We will encourage children to respect social distancing practices in the classroom throughout the school day.
  • All staff and vendors are fully vaccinated.
  • Masks will be worn by all City Kids staff throughout the day. Children attending preschool will be encouraged to wear masks. Children attending our Learning + programs will be required to wear masks. Mask breaks will be given throughout the day.
  • No toys from home will be allowed.
  • At this time, we will not be providing any food. Lunch and snacks can be brought from home or ordered from Little Green Gourmet. All items must adhere to our nut policy.
  • Celebrations will be food-free until further notice. We will work with parents to find alternative ways to make celebrations fun and exciting.

What temporary policies and procedures do you have in place at this time to mitigate transmission of COVID-19?
  • We will maintain static groups of children; classes will not commingle and will stay in their designated space. Whenever possible, students will be taken outdoors to learn and play.
  • Daily health checks will be performed on anyone entering the building including staff, parents, and essential visitors. We will follow the NYC Department of Health for ongoing testing and screening requirements for all staff.
  • Handwashing or hand sanitizing will be required upon entering and exiting the school, using the bathroom, diaper changes, before and after snacks and meals.
  • A child or staff member who exhibits any Covid-19 symptoms, will not be allowed to enter the building. If symptoms appear throughout the day staff members and children will be sent home and cannot return without a doctor's note stating negative Covid-19 test results.
  • City Kids follows the current DOE and DOH guidelines for exposure and quarantine for both students and staff. All communications regarding COVID-19 will outline the full protocol that should be enacted if a positive case is determined.
Health & Safety
How often is the school cleaned?
Is the school secure?
  • Secured front entry door with touchless entry access for staff and registered families;
  • Interior doors leading to classrooms are also secured by touchless entry;
  • Photo identification reference on staff computers to verify identity;
  • Instant electronic record of your child’s arrival and departure;
  • Customized ID for each family member or authorized pick up or emergency contact for your child. We require photo ID as an added safety measure.
  • Security cameras throughout to ensure safety.

Do you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?
Do you have an immunization policy?
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*Exemptions may only be permitted from specific immunizations if the immunization may be detrimental to the child’s health, in accordance with New York State Public Health Law §2164.
Is your staff CPR certified?
What are your emergency procedures?
What if my child gets sick or hurt?
Can I access or view the schools’ cameras?
What do I do if I need to send someone else to pick up my child?
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Are you able to give my child medicine?
At what age does City Kids accept students for preschool?
Does my child need to be potty trained?
Do you accept cloth diapers?
Is there a transition period for my child?
What is the student-teacher ratio?
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*The minimum staff/child ratio and group size shall be based on the predominant age of the children in the group.
Does City Kids provide a lunch program?
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Does my child have to nap?
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Do children go outside during the day?
What qualifications do your teachers hold?
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Do you park strollers in your facility?
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Do you park scooters and bicycles in your facility?
At what age does City Kids accept students for Afterschool Programs?
Do you offer transportation from my child’s school to your location?
Do you have an open house for registration?
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Is there space in the program to enroll my child?
What type of school calendar do you follow?
What is the school’s withdrawal policy?
How are children’s birthdays and holidays celebrated?
How does City Kids communicate with parents?
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Does City Kids give credits for days missed for vacations or illnesses?
Does City Kids offer a sibling discount?

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